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There’s a theme running through the lure patterns of all five top finishers in the Plano Bassmaster Elite at Lake St. Clair. Smallmouth bass are notorious nomads. They’re here one day and gone the next. So understanding where the fish moved from day-to-day and even hour-to-hour was the biggest key to success.
Every time you turn around you hear something about matching the hatch. One easy and simple way to do that is to get good at matching something that lives almost everywhere — rock, sand, gravel, mud, weeds and wood. I’m talking about crayfish.

Go shallow in August

I add a green pumpkin trailer to the jig (either a Zoom Super Chunk or Zoom Speed Craw) and dip the tail in chartreuse JJ’s Magic Dippin’ Dye to make it look more like a bluegill. The swim jig is great around shallow cover. It has less flash than a spinnerbait and less vibration than a bladed jig and is…
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