We are constantly asked a great many questions about our products from anglers such as yourself on a regular bases. We have collected the most common ones below. If these do not answer your question(s) feel free to contact us at any time.

Q. Why do I want to dye my soft plastic bait?
A. Research shows that more fish are caught on soft plastic bait than any other lure. Dying your soft bait makes it more attractive to the bass. The dye acts as a neon sign when it is in the water. The garlic oil hides the unnatural scents left behind by anglers when they handle their lures after fueling for the trip. It also hides the petroleum taste of the soft plastic bait. The garlic oil gives the soft plastic bait a sweet taste that the fish love.


Q. How often do I need to reapply JJ’s Magic to my soft plastic bait? A. One application is sufficient to impregnate your bait with the dye and the garlic scent. With most of the other so-called dip and dyes the scent and the dye only sit on top the bait. Their directions tell you to re apply after every 7 to 10 casts. JJ’s Magic penetrates the bait with the color and the scent. You will not need to reapply…ever!


Q. What color dyes does JJ’s Magic come in? A. JJ’s Magic comes in 3 colors: Chartreuse, Methylate, and Blue. JJ’s Magic also offers a clear garlic oil fish attractant.


Q. Why does JJ’s Magic come in only 3 colors? A. The three colors that JJ’s Magic offers is all that is needed for color changes and hues in bass fishing.

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