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June 27, 2014

Darrell Pons Sr.- Florida Fishing

April 26, 2014

We won 1st Place 17.40 LBS. using JJ's Magic we LOVE the Magic!!!
Here's to our win and JJ's Magic.

Thanks a Bunch,

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February 26, 2014

I caught this giant spotted bass in Shoal Creek last March 15th on a 3/16 oz. spotsticker jig head with a green pumpkin trick worm with the tail of the worm dipped in chartreuse J.J.'s Magic Garlic Dip. I always use J.J.'s Magic Garlic Dip on all my soft plastic baits. 

God bless you, I hope you catch a big one, 
Leon Etherton  

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February 7, 2014

 JJ’s Magic (Menthylate lure dip): Bayou Betty's 8 to 10 pounder caught with JJ's Magic Menthylate which gives the soft plastic bait a red or orange hue and comes in extra handy when fishing in muddy waters.

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November 12, 2013

 JJ’s Magic (clear garlic lure dip): “In the last two years, I’ve used it religiously. I marinate my soft  plastics in it. I think it makes the fish bite better and hold on to the bait longer. You’ve got to put it in cellophane bags though, or it will bleed through and stink everything up.” READ FULL ARTICLE CLICK HERE
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August 21, 2013


     I hope that this message finds everyone at JJ's Magic doing well. I have had 2 awesome opportunities to talk about JJ's Magic recently. In the last two FLW BFL Tournaments in Wisconsin I have secured a 1st place, 3rd place and a big bass title. I was able to discuss with the crowd the uses and outstanding results that are had when using JJ's Magic Dippin' Dyes. I have been doing extremely well lately dipping the tips of my green pumpkin plastics in the Methylate color. I greatly appreciate the support and will continue to tell everyone about this amazing product at every chance I get!
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May, 25 2013

Ryan Shields L, a JJ's Magic Pro Staffer and his partner Zeke Gossett R. The winners of the 2013 TBF FLW Alabama High School State Championship on Neely Henry Lake, with a weight of 16.3 lbs. They will move on to Lake Lanier in October, to fish in the Southeastern Regional Championship. Thanks to JJ's Magic for getting us in the boat.
Thank you, Mr. JJ Polak 
Ryan Shields
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June 9, 2013

Me and John Robertson fished the Maryland PVA BASS team competition  TOURNAMENT PLACING 2ND. We used jjs magic dye "red" on our ribbits feet making them look like fillet mignon Product worked well, 15.22 lbs.  First place had 15.23 lbs.

Arland Mathias
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