Prize Winners

Mike Wisenewski Caught using JJ's Magic Clear
Richard Bradshaw
Josh Jetter Over 20 LBS Caught Using Chartreuse

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    Our Pro staff is a list of fisherman whose caught and placed in a tournament using JJ's Magic

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    If your not using JJ's Magic on your frogs and swim jigs then you're flat out not putting as many in the boat as you could be.  It IS the difference between a bite and a catch.
    From:Daniel: Columbiana, AL, U.S.

Pro Staff

  • 1Greg Vinson
  • 2Gene Jensen
  • 3Josh Jetter
  • 4Bayou Betty
  • 5Steven Thames

Everything You Need To Know About JJ's Magic

In this video I want to talk about JJ's Magic. I will also discuss why I've been using it for eight years, and why I am a firm believer that it gets more fish on the end of your hook when using soft plastics and other types of baits.

Video Archives

Rage Tail Monster Bass I

Shows the best fisherman's with their catch. And the bait they used.

1. Jig n Lobster
2. 10" Thumper

3. Rage thumper
4. Smoking rooster
5. Jig n Rage chunk
6. Rage craw.
7. Eliminator C rigged.

JJ's Magic video 1 trick worm demonstration


 Going to take a spoon trick warm white and make it purple. First you dip it the blue  and let it dry. Then dip it in the mythelate I didn't dip it all the way in.

JJ's Magic Instructional Part 3

JJ's Magic was put together to help average fisherman catch more fish.  Good morning I'm J.J. Polak of a JJ's magic this week were going to show you some of the things that you can do with our product a lure dipped in fish attract.

JJ's Magic Fish Attractor

 JJ's Magic that you put together to help average fisherman catch more fish.  they were going to show you how to impregnate jig skirts.

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